1. Someone stop me. I keep listening to The Crickets Have Arthritis by Shane Koyczan because it’s stuck in my head, and I only stop to listen to the Backstreet Boys so my emotions don’t explode.

    I can now basically recite The Crickets Have Arthritis from memory and know all the words to The Call.

    Today has been a really weird day.

  2. nosdrinker:



    the reptilians have seized control

    (Source: Washington Post, via pakistranny)

  3. I wanna go for fancy dinner and actually be able to eat the food. Why is that so hard?!

    vegetarian problems

  4. mormalovescheese:


    I’m on to you guys, chelsea-noel and myheartsundertaker. Which one of you is turning into a dragon next week?

    It’s chelsea-noel!!!!!!!! Oh man, do something cool, like a barrel roll!!!!!!
    I’M TURNING IN TO A DRAGON?!?!?! FUCK YES! myheartsundertaker I dunno, I work until 5 so late-ish dinner and then drinking? Probably.
  5. heartbreaks:

    does anyone get really mad when other people try to tell your pets what to do

    (via pakistranny)

  6. gravityishonest tagged me to do the selfie thing. Here is me making the same face forever.

    mormalovescheese myheartsundertaker the-consequence-of-sound

    Get on it. Post six selfies and tag someone else.